Wednesday, 5 September 2007

If The Shoe Fits!

Here @ F.Y.I. MAG we go crazy when we find a new store selling gorgeous shoes! You know how it is, you love the picture, you spend L$300 only to wear them and end up looking like a dogs dinner!
With Mango shoes, this need never be an issue, the perfect fit every time and beautifully detailed!

Mango Shoes, Oeconomica (188, 91, 23)

Shoes Pictured: Open pumps 'Pink' with walk animation L$250 - AVALIABLE NOW

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Welcome to the F.Y.I. MAG blog spot! Here you will be able to find the very best fashion and lifestyle resources from around SL.
With the over whelming amount of shops and clubs, we aim to bring you the latest information on whats HOT and whats NOT! Our comprehensive shopping directory will feature only the best stores in SL who we have either hand selected or checked out on reccommendation. A Homes & Interiors suppliment & directory will also be avaliable every 3 months to subscribers.
Our music features will bring you interviews with the hottest DJs from around SL and details of the very best clubs and venues.

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Fashion: Felecity Lilliehook
Music: Alexiss Beck
Photographic & Make Over: Zeahmara Beattie

Monday, 3 September 2007

The eyes have it...

Many Thanks to Yuuki Kurosawa of ::SugarCube for submitting her favorite shops list! We just loved BP* and their selection of cute doll eyes at only... wait for it.... L$25! Were such big fans, we brought the lot for our AV's! ::SugarCube also have the cutest animations for only L$60 each so make sure you check out the store!

BP*, Osaka (147, 138, 21)
::SugarCube, Blumfield (209, 68, 27)

The F.Y.I. MAG Directory


*Miam Miam*
G.L.A.M., *Miam Miam*, Sunset Arts (170, 178, 30)
The cutest and most delicious scripted jewellery & accessories, you'll want the lot! *F.Y.I. GOLD STAR AWARD*

Kenzi. HOME STORE, Pyrrhia (29, 138, 26)
Clothing for only the coolest kids on the block F.I.Y. {Hearts} the Run DMC tee & Andy Warhol pistol sweater dress

Nylon Outfitters Main Store, Tableau (144, 160, 17)
Perfect for the vintage indie look

AITUI, Aitui (155, 191, 23)
Huge and modern store selling male, female & unisex tattoos. Great range, high quality. Custom designs also avaliable.

=CREAM SHOP in Koenji=, Koenji (200, 113, 43)
A harajuku haven of accessories, hair and clothing

Wetheral Plaza, Wetheral (131, 20, 25)
Small but perfect collection of boutiques that change frequently, well worth checking out

[Random] Main Store Hallgerda (143, 78, 597) & Karamia, Louise (43, 112, 651)
Amazing collection of male & female shapes, skins, hair and clothing. Edgy and cool. *F.Y.I. GOLD STAR AWARD*

::SugarCube, Blumfield (205, 68, 27)
Great animations and poses

BP*, Osaka (147, 138, 21)
Cutest range of doll eyes for only L$25 *F.Y.I. GOLD STAR AWARD*

Celestial Studios, Celestial City (59, 188, 25)
Gorgeous range of shapes, skins and clothing

ALADY BODY SHAPES, Emmelia (124, 196, 48)
Fantastic shapes including celebrity inspired

Harajukubox, Odessa Graceful (129, 36, 22)
A small collection of shops dedicated to Japanese Neko Shopping!

KABUKI, Kabuki (190, 156, 32)
Qwirky and cool fashion & accessories

Mango Shoes (188, 96, 23)
Excellent selection of shoes with great fit

Sunset Shopping, Sunset Arts (155, 247, 25)
One of the best shopping areas on SL *F.Y.I. GOLD STAR AWARD*

NYMPHETAMINE Boutique, Isle of Nymphetamine (218, 192, 28)
Classy and sexy outfits, perfect for dancers or to add some spice in your SL love life! (Gift Certificates Avaliable)

ElecTro Kitty (Main Store) tenjin fukuoka japan (23, 24, 501)
Neko fashion store, great details


Calla, Callatropia (125, 193, 23)
Huge selection of flexi hair, beautiful quality

***SL HOMES***

Uriah de Primera (246, 4, 23)
U Rent{l} Community offer a professional and friendly serive to help you find your dream home on one of their many Islands. Fantastic rental prices and prim amounts to suit all needs with stunning beach views. IM Uriah Igaly quoting REF: F.Y.I MAG for further information and avaliable rentals.

[PurE] Furniture
Starfish Island (143, 62, 22)
Modern and stylish, low prim animated furniture & lighting for the home inside and out *F.Y.I. GOLD STAR AWARD*

iMOGEN dESIGNS, Tezzon (100, 211, 651)
With 3 huge stores you can find everything from Kitchens to Rugs and down to the smallest detail like a yummy chocolate mud cake that gives a piece to your friends!



Neo Stream Servies, Naughty bi plaza (233, 195, 25)
Pay daily or monthly streams for DJs and live musicians 'Get Heard'

Reflections Photographic Studio: IM Zeahmara Beattie